redwineandmistakes said: I have scraps of scrap booking paper and fabric left over. Are there any projects that I can use these for? (together or separate, doesn't matter to me.) Thanks!

absolutely :) 

you can go here to find a few of the scrap fabric ideas I’ve posted in the past.

but here are some other ideas:

this fabric scrap garland is really cute and simple. It could definitely spice up a space:


You could use the scrap paper to make this charm bracelet:

It’s really funky and unique, and I dig it quite a bit :) 


Another idea is this scrap fabric wreath!

If you don’t have enough fabric to make a full sized wreath, you could always make mini wreaths which are super adawwwrable.


These Valentine’s Day bookmarks are really cool. She uses scrap fabric, but you could definitely use paper as well!


I just found this tutorial for scrap fabric headbands and necklaces, and now I NEED to make a headband. They’re awesome:


Okay, I know I stuck like…one and a half paper ideas in there (sorry!) but I hope these ideas helped, or sparked your imagination.

Let me know if you need any more ideas, and show me what you end up making! (if you want, lol)

good luck!